Well versed in the culture of our town? Test your knowledge in these questions set by HCS chairman David Wyles

Head and Tails

Name these worthies who are to be seen on the Town Hall.

Cheers: Name the hostelries that carry the decorations, above.

Typical scenes from a day and night out in Huddersfield. Where Are They?

The above figures on are three churches: What are/were the names of the buildings?

Birds and Beasts

A: Now the Nawaab but the Liver Bird and Grasshopper were the insignia of which former bank? B: This griffin is part of a panel above the entrance to which building? C: Modernist lions are on this 1930s building awaiting renovation.D. This building was key to Huddersfield’s educational history.

On which buildings are A: Nellie the elephant, B: One of two stallions, C: An owl and squirrel, among many other animals?

And these buildings? A: One of the two armorial badges of the operators, B: A wealth of sculptural elements on these Ramsden commissioned buildings by WH Crossland, C:  Now a place of welcome for people in need

The good, the bad and the somewhere in between

1 Who was the Huddersfield born entrepreneur, corporate raider and asset stripper nicknamed ‘Lord Moneybags’.

2 Which Huddersfield-born entrepreneur and philanthropist claimed to have coined the phrase ‘cash and carry’?

3 The bust of which Huddersfield-born actor, a cast taken from an original by Swiss sculptor Dennis Perret-Gentil, was unveiled at the LBT in 2004? 

4 A plaque in the LBT commemorates the Rev G B McDonald and his family and their links to four famous people. Who were these people?

  • He wrote The Jungle Book
  • Knighted Pre- Raphaelite painter, colleague of William Morris
  • Became President of the Royal Academy on the death of John Millais and created a Baronet in 1902
  • Three times Prime Minister of the UK in 1923, 1924 and 1935

5 Huddersfield-born musician best known as a member of the 1980’s band Ultravox.

6 English hangman, born in 1906 whose family moved from Huddersfield in 1917. Executed around 500 people including William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) and, more controversially, Ruth Ellis.

7 Multi-millionaire businessman, who acted as the middleman in the purchase by Huddersfield Corporation of the Ramsden Estate for £1,300,000. Events in 2020 will celebrate the centenary of ‘the town that bought itself’.

8 Owner of famous Huddersfield engineering company who, in 1947, bought ‘A High Class Motor Business’ for £20,500.

9 Another Prime Minister who moved to Huddersfield following his father’s death and spent a year at Huddersfield College. He was PM from 1908-1916. His great-granddaughter is the actress Helena Bonham Carter.

10 A gold medallist in the 1960 Olympics, as well as the Commonwealth and European Games, the flats named after her were demolished in 2016.