Guided Tour of Woodsome Hall, Almondbury

Woodsome Hall in Almondbury. Photo by Tony Hisgett.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Almost 30 people attended a guided tour of this remarkable Grade 1 listed hall.

The tour, led by golf club member Philip Sands, provided a vivid and knowledgeable insight into the history and development of this remarkable range of buildings.

Dating from the 13th Century the story of the house was revealed through the lives of its inhabitants, particularly the Kaye family who owned the manor for several centuries before passing to the family of Viscount Lewisham until the early 20th Century after which it became the golf club.

Changing architectural styles have influenced the various stages of development and attendees were able to admire a range of remarkable features including the timber framed open hall, finely carved plaster frieze, a huge carved supporting beam bearing the names of Arthur and Biatrix Kaye and a large wall mounted clock.

The tour ended with a brief look at the terrace and parkland (now the golf course), fishponds and other early structures. Clearly future archaeological investigations may reveal further details of this fascinating house and its importance to the development of Almondbury and its surrounding area.

It is to be hoped that the golf club will continue to allow limited tours in the future and the Society welcomes the proposal for a guidebook on the history and architecture of the hall that Philip is hoping to publish in the near future.