17-33a John William Street, Huddersfield

Application numbers:  2022/93964 and 2022/93895 (click on numbers to go to full application)

17-33a John William Street, Huddersfield.

Listed Building Consent for reinstatement, refurbishment and repair of 6 shops and signage.

This application was granted on March 22, 2023

Comments made on behalf of Huddersfield Civic Society with regard to applications 2022/93964 & 2022/93895.

The Civic Society welcomes this long overdue improvement to shop frontages along John William Street and hopes the work will encourage other applications of a similar standard to be submitted and implemented.
The society also welcomes repairs to previously unauthorised work such as the removal of paint on quoins (masonry blocks at the corner of a wall) at the entrance to Byram Court.