Wood Lane, Newsome: proposed 5G telecoms installation

Application number: 2023/90052 (click on number to go to full application on Kirklees planning website)

Wood Lane, Newsome, HD4 6PH.
Proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G 15m street pole and additional equipment cabinets 

This application was refused on February 24, 2023

Comments made on behalf of Huddersfield Civic Society.

The Civic Society concurs with the comments made by the Kirklees Conservation and Design Officer. The siting of the pole is directly in front of the Grade 2* Old Longley Hall and related Grade 2 buildings. The hall is not only one of the most architecturally important buildings within Huddersfield but, arguably, a building that represents the most important historic link with the Ramsden family in their associations with the development of the town.

Siting of the pole would be detrimental to the setting of the hall and demonstrate insensitivity in recognising the importance of this group of buildings.

An alternative site should be identified.