Ramsdens solicitors, 1 Hungerford Road, Edgerton

2023/92363 and 64 (click on application number to go to full application on Kirklees planning website)    

Ramsdens solicitors, 1 Hungerford Road, Edgerton. Listed building in prominent location in Edgerton Conservation Area.

Granted on November 21, 2023

A new office car park between Halifax Road (A629) and this grand listed building would be very prominent and very detrimental to the setting of the house. It would also go against the Kirklees Council Conservation Area Management Plan for the Edgerton CA (we think it’s the only MP for a CA anywhere in Huddersfield) which emphatically does not allow new car parks in the grounds of buildings.

The submitted Climate Change statement is weak. Against every item of interest regarding sustainability there are the words ‘will be considered’. There isn’t even any cycle parking proposed, let alone a heat pump for the new building.