18 New North Parade, Huddersfield. Listed building consent for erection of a digital billboard within a conservation area

Planning application 2023/93152  (click on application number to go to full application on Kirklees planning website)   

This application was refused on January 10, 2024 but appealed by the applicant to the Secretary of State on May 23, 2024

Our comments on behalf of Huddersfield Civic Society.
These digital billboards are contrary to the aim of protecting and improving Huddersfield Town Centre Conservation Area.
The application site is a Grade II listed building (listing number 1287151). The official listing details refer to pitched slate roof, moulded eaves cornices, the fenestrations and other decorate features of the building. Policy LP25 Advertisements and Shop Fronts identifies that the design of proposals should be consistent with the character of the existing buildings and consider any features of historic, architectural cultural or other special interest.
Huddersfield Town Centre Conservation Area is already classed as at risk by Historic England which describes the area as ‘very bad’ and ‘deteriorating’. Such signs can only exacerbate this issue and totally contradict the council’s recognition and efforts to visually improve perceptions of the town.